A China Travelogue from A China Holidays Customer

Here is a China travelogue by puddleduck2 – one of China Holidays’ customers, posted at http://www.holidaytruths.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=85325&start=0. We booked via China Holidays in London – http://www.chinaholidays.com. They offer a range of services, including land only servcies if you want to book your own hotels and flights etc or, like we had, a tailor made package, where […]

The real romantic Chinese holiday: Lantern Festival

Source: Global Times Forget Valentine’s Day. For romance lovers in the capital, it may be just as well that this most manufactured of Western holidays was eclipsed by the Spring Festival – on a day like that, family responsibility totally trumps affairs of the heart. But worry not frustrated lovers – this year, you get […]