A new discovery in ancient Hangu Pass

Recently, a new discovery in Hangu Pass found by the Luoyang Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology suggests that Hangu Pass is not only a pass, but once was also a city. The discovery will contribute to the study of passes in the Qin and Han dynasties and the Silk Road’s application for World Cultural […]

Land of idyllic beauty in Chongyi, E China

Tourists take a walk in a scenic spot in Chongyi County, east China’s Jiangxi Province, May 29, 2013. Chongyi County, located in southwest Jiangxi Province, is well-known for its high forest coverage rate, which reaches 88.3 percent, and its slower pace of life.

Xi’an – Living history

Dating back 630 years, Xi’an’s city wall offers visitors a fine vantage point as they zoom around its ramparts on bicycles. And as a proud civic symbol, it’s a favorite spot for lovers to take a stroll, while children play in its shadow. Bathed in glorious spring sunshine – much welcome after a long winter […]