A tour to Pingyao Ancient City

I have Chinese tradition complex, hence I am interested in anything related to ancient China. Pingyao Ancient City is a must that I can’t miss. I have visited many ancient towns in China, such as Phoenix Town, Lijiang Old Town. They are both populated by minority groups. But Pingyao is different from them. It’s the […]

Enjoy the cool in the Imperial Summer Villa

The Imperial Summer Villa is the largest imperial garden in China. It is located in the city of Chengde, Hebei Province. It was constructed from the 42nd year of Emperor Kangxi’s reign (1702), and completed in the 57th year of Emperor Qianlong’s reign (1792) in Qing. Beijing’s summer is always unbearably hot. I decided to […]

Wuyi Mountain, a place of leisure

Wuyi Mountain, according to our tour guide, was just a huge rock on which yet you can travel for a whole day. It turned out true after we visited it. I found we climbed up from one side of the rock and then climbed down from the other side. The road was very narrow and […]