Land of idyllic beauty in Chongyi, E China

Tourists take a walk in a scenic spot in Chongyi County, east China’s Jiangxi Province, May 29, 2013. Chongyi County, located in southwest Jiangxi Province, is well-known for its high forest coverage rate, which reaches 88.3 percent, and its slower pace of life.

Xi’an – Living history

Dating back 630 years, Xi’an’s city wall offers visitors a fine vantage point as they zoom around its ramparts on bicycles. And as a proud civic symbol, it’s a favorite spot for lovers to take a stroll, while children play in its shadow. Bathed in glorious spring sunshine – much welcome after a long winter […]

Life in ancient town of Chengdu, SW China

A compound built in the Republic of China (1911-1949) is seen in Anren, an ancient town in Dayi county of Chengdu, capital of Southwest China’s Sichuan province, May 23, 2013. Anren town was first built in ancient China’s Tang Dynasty (618-907). Most of its buildings were constructed in late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and early Republic […]