Good news! China has a tourism law

The new tourism law, adopted by China’s top legislature on Thursday, is good news for both tourists and businesses. The long-awaited law, which had been in embryo for about 30 years and undergone three readings by lawmakers in the past eight months, is designed to address industry woes, protect tourists’ interests and foster the industry’s […]

Qilou Arcade Streets in Haikou, China’s Hainan

Arcade architecture, with its origins dating back around 2,000 years to ancient Greece, was introduced to Haikou by overseas Chinese merchants from 1820-1840. Standing between two and four stories in height, a Qilou has its ground floor set back halfway into the building so that it can be used as a storefront to take shelter […]

Likeng, village as cultural heritage

Likeng village, located in the Tuochuan township of Wuyuan county, in Jiangxi province, was once known as Liyuan during a time when China was much younger. The historical village is located 45 kilometers northeast of Wuyuan county and was established during the late Song Dynasty at a time when reading was the prevailing activity among […]