Joyful Experience in Lijiang

There’s a saying that “exploring Lijiang is like opening a Chinese jewel chest”. You will find how true it is as soon as you pace on the land of Lijiang. ┬áLijiang is a remote town of Yunnan Province, locating at the bottom of the Himalayas and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. As many people do, I was […]

A glimpse of Lijiang Old Town

For many times I read words about Lijiang on journals and sketched a vague picture of Lijiang in my mind. Finally, I decided to see it with my eyes. Though attacked by an earthquake in its history, the Lijiang Old Town survived. Despite crowded travelers, Lijiang is still a quiet city. Lijiang is like a […]

Lijiang, a pure land forgot by God

With its splendid landscapes, the exotic ways of the Naxi ethnic group and the precious Dongba Culture Lijiang becomes a unique attraction in China. I had imagined a picture in my mind before I went there. The streets, local people and buildings lied peacefully, shimmering under the sun. there were intoxicating songs spreading from old […]