Dang Ling shows beauty of land, water and sky

Dang Ling is a natural scenic mountain area located in northwestern Ganzizhou, Sichuan Province. The ridge covers 142.4 square kilometers and is 69 kilometers away from Danba County. With its collection of natural attractions, including Snow Mountain, the primeval forest, flourishing meadows and steaming hot springs, it is one of the most well-known scenic spots […]

Embrace the nature on Emei Mountain

I have climbed many mountains located in southern China. Emei Mountain is quite different from those I climed at least in terms of its height. Preparing for this tour, I tried to take the stairs instead of lifts. There were two routes for hiking tour. The southern route was longer but with more fantastic views […]

Scenery of Shunan Bamboo Sea in SW China’s Sichuan

The Shunan Bamboo Sea covers an area of over 120 kilometers with a 44-kilometer central scenic area, eight surrounding scenic parts and 134 scenic spots. The bamboo sea consists of 28 ridges and peaks high and low and over 500 fantastic hills which are densely covered with various kinds of amazing bamboos. Winning a very […]