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Dalian Travel Guide


Dalian, on China's far northeast coast, is popular with domestic travelers but is yet to be discovered by international tourists. This refreshing coastal city is the perfect antidote for those aching to get away from the congestion and pollution of China's big cities.

Dalian is a relatively new city by Chinese standards and has grown rapidly by virtue of having an excellent natural harbor which made it prime real-estate for the imperialist ambitions of Russia and Japan. Much of Dalian's recent history reflects the 20th century conflicts of China. Today Dalian is a major center for shipping, logistics and fishing. The proximity to good transportation and its special economic stimulus policies have attracted a rapidly growing pool of high-tech industries. Prosperous, clean, jolly, and vibrant, it offers a stark contrast to the often-gritty realities of other northeastern cities. Even in a country where local pride runs strong, the people of Dalian stand out with a fierce pride in their city.

There are some worthwhile things to do here. Some of the beaches are nice, and its high latitude and ocean breezes help it escape some of the worst of steamy Chinese summers that's why the Chinese come here. There are some fine examples of classic Russian and Japanese architecture here, the seafood is excellent. Moreover, it's just a pleasant place to be.

Beneath the hardhats-and-forklifts, workday exterior of the people of Dalian is a surprising fondness for fashion and Dalian is a major center of the fashion industry in China. The Dalian International Fashion Exhibition, held in mid-September, ranks as one of the largest fashion shows in Asia. High fashion is a large part of the daily lives of the ordinary people. Small shows are held year-round in shopping centers and parks, and they attract huge and enthusiastic crowds.

Memorable Experiences

Singing with the folk musicians in Zhongshan Square, far more entertaining than the typical karaoke session.

Combing the beach for interesting stones and aquatic life while the sea breeze blows against our faces.

Riding the Forest Zoo cable cars and looking down at all the gorgeous scenery surrounding us.

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