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Hangzhou Travel Guide


Heralded as one of the most romantic cities in China, Hangzhou is ripe with historic and sensual sites to enchant the amorous and curious who make their way here. Just over 200km southwest of Shanghai, Hangzhou requires only a short jaunt to scratch the surface of its charming pagodas, the timeless West Lake and modern amenities.

Hangzhou's legendary West Lake conjures images of sweeping willows and morning mist along the shores of China's most famous and revered of lakes.

What really put Hangzhou on the proverbial map is the Grand Canal. Built during the Sui dynasty, the Grand Canal was a massive network of canals and waterways linking Hangzhou to the north. Food and goods were shipped from the agriculturally rich south to supply the comparatively desolate north, as Hangzhou quickly developed into an important place of transportation and trade.

The height of Hnagzhou's powers came when the Song dynasty court was driven from its capital at Kaifeng by northern invaders, and the Song court resettled in here and made it the imperial capital of the Southern Song dynasty. A population boom followed and the city flourished economically and culturally. Song influences are still commonly found throughout the city, from the food to the dialect.

Hangzhou Memorable Experiences
Climbing the earth carved ascent up Baoshi Shan in early afternoon to view the mist rise over West Lake.

Strolling along the lake front with an iced coffee in one hand and camera in the other.

Renting a tandem bicycle from one of the many street vendors and pedaling past the different sights on the Baidi Causeway.

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