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Huangshan Travel Guide


Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) has been a major tourist destination since ancient times and still captures the imagination of those who have glimpsed its jade mountains protruding through the frosty mists.

Huangshan, which means Yellow Mountain, has been a well-known destination for scholars, poets and the occasional recluse, all seeking personal inspiration and enlightenment & when you visit you will easily appreciate why. Situated in the southern portion of the agriculturally rich Anhui Province and bordering Jiangxi and Zhejiang provinces, the picturesque Huang Shan has long been effusively described as "awesome," "a wonderland" and "Heaven on Earth." The formation of the remarkable peaks and breathtakingly sharp precipices has been attributed to the many thousands of years of geological activity on the imposing granite mountains, creating the astounding natural wonder visible today.

During the Qin dynasty, the mountain was called Black Mountain because of the dark color of its cliffs. Legend has it that Tang dynasty emperor Xuanzong, who reigned during the Tang's golden age, changed the name of the mountains to Huang Shan because the legendary Huang Emperor was thought to have made his pills of immortality here.

Huangshan Memorable Experiences

Strolling along the seaside boardwalk and watching the sun slowly creep above the horizon over the ocean.

Gorging on all the fresh seafood that's available throughout the city.

Taking languid walks through the old German residential areas then heading over to the many plazas that dot the city while letting the sea breeze choose where we go next.

Top Huangshan Tours

4 Days Buddhism Pilgrimage Tour

  • Tour Code: BJ36
  • Days: 4
  • Destination: Chizhou-Huangshan

From USD

Summary: As o­ne of the four great Buddhist mountains and the key landscape of China..

Splendid Mountains and Great Garden Tour

  • Tour Code: SH-1216
  • Days: 14
  • Destination: Beijing-Qufu-Wudangshan-Jiuhuashan-Huangshan-Shanghai-Suzhou-Shanghai

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Summary: 14 days to go sightseeing in prosperous cities as Beijing and Shanghai, visit Confucius temples in Qufu, see famous magnificent mountains including Wudangshan, Jiuhuashan and Huangshan..

14 Days Chinese Culture and Mountains Tour

  • Tour Code: BJ-1227
  • Days: 14
  • Destination: Beijing-Qufu-Wudangshan-Jiuhuashan-Huangshan-Shanghai

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Summary: Visit China Highlights tour of Mt Jiuhua, Mt Huangshan, Mt Wuyi, Qufu, Suzhou, Shanghai and Beijing..

Shanghai Weekend Trip to Yellow Mountain (Huangshan)

  • Tour Code: SH10
  • Days: 4
  • Destination: Shanghai-Huangshan-Shanghai

From USD

Summary: Book a Huangshan Tour from Shanghai. Travel by train from Shanghai to Yellow Mountain and enjoy the fascinating view of Huangshan Mountain near Shanghai..

4 Days Huangshan Classic Tour

  • Tour Code: HS01
  • Days: 4
  • Destination: Huangshan

From USD

Summary: 4 days Huangshan tour (Yellow Mountain trip) for your holiday in China. Have a short vacation from Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou..