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Nanchang Travel Guide

As the capital of Jiangxi Province, Nanchang is always the seat of local government since its establishment 2,200 years ago is a famous historical city in China.

Nanchang is known as Heroes' City because it was here that the communist uprising of 1 August 1927 began. To commemorate the big event, August 1 is confirmed to be the birthday of Chinese Communist. The August 1 Nanchang Uprising Monument in the south end of the People's Square is a symbolic building of the city center.

There are altogether 78 cultural sites with the Tengwang Pavilion as the most renowned. It was first built in 653 by Li Yuanying, a brother of Taizong Emperor of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The famous essay in Chinese literature written by brilliant poet of the same period, Wang Bo, brought the pavilion ever great fame. It has been reputed as one of the four famous towers in China. The pavilion has been rebuilt or renovated for twenty-nine times and its twists and turns vividly show the changes of history.

Nanchang City also holds other natural attractions while other attractions surrounding the city including Lushan National Park and Poyang Lake in Jiujiang City, Dragon and Tiger Mountain (Long Hu Shan) as well as Mt. Jinggang in Ji'an City. The appeal of these attractions is wide spreading and is assured to satisfy the tastes of all who visit it.

Top Nanchang Tours

Nanchang One Day Trip

  • Tour Code: NC01
  • Days: 1
  • Destination: Nanchang

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Summary: Nanchang one day tour to see the Nanchang Tengwangge Pavilion.

2 Days Jingdezhen Tour from Nanchang

  • Tour Code: NC02
  • Days: 2
  • Destination: Nanchang-Jingdezhen-Nanchang

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Summary: Jingdezhen's porcelain has been famous not only in China but in time it became known internationally for being "as thin as paper, as white as jade, as bright as a mirror, and as sound as a bell"..

6 Days Poyang Lake Bird Watching Tour

  • Tour Code: BW02
  • Days: 6
  • Destination: Nanchang-Wuyun-Wucheng

From USD

Summary: travel from Nanchang to Poyang Lake to watch birds in winter where visitors could see a spectacle of cranes and learn more about birds..