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Qufu Travel Guide


Qufu is legendary in China as the birthplace of Confucius, the ancient sage and teacher whose impact continues to influence Chinese education, politics, and thought.

Pleasant street markets and an air of historic importance mark Qufu as a great introduction to Chinese culture and one of China's most endearing legacies. It's easy to spend a few days in Qufu exploring the three major sights related to Confucius: the Confucius Mansions, where the Sage and some 70 generations of his descendents once lived; the Confucius Temple and the Confucius Cemetery, a forest cemetery where Confucius and many of his deceased clan members rest.

Qufu's history is directly linked to Confucius. Legend states that he was born in a cave 60km to the east of Qufu in 551 BC, during the Spring and Autumn Period. Confucius settled in modern day Qufu as a pauper, after years of unsuccessfully wandering through various kingdoms in the hope of influencing rulers to adopt his teachings. It was only after his death in 479 BC that his ideas gained prominence.

Qufu Memorable Experiences

Taking a horse drawn carriage through Qufu.

Riding a horse at a little ranch on the way to the Confucius cemetery and holding on for dear life when it decideds to run as fast as it can.

Having a conversation with a member of the 74th generation of Confucius descendants at the Confucius Mansion.

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