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Shaoxing Travel Guide


From social reformers like Lu Xun to wistful poets sipping Shaoxing's famed wine on the banks of a lazy stream as they compose lyrical dances; Shaoxing's history is that of China's cultural heritage.

Just 70km away from Hangzhou, Shaoxing is sheltered by Kuaiji Shan and nestled in Zhejiang Province's rich Yangtze fed waterways. The architectural style andatmosphere is typical Jiangnan, which meanssouth of the Yangtze. White wallspunctuated with black tiles line narrowcobbled streets and when harried citydwellers dream of an idyllic paradise andplan their retirement, they often pictureShaoxing. But more than a quiet city,Shaoxing is also home to many of China'smost renowned scholars, writers and poets.The city draws learned tourists seeking toget a glimpse of China's rich cultural past.

Shaoxing Night SceneNo city in China can claim to be the hometown of as many nationally known personalities as Shaoxing. Yu the Great was one of China's mythical early chiefs, whose reputation and reverence is on par with England's King Arthur. He's credited with teaching the Chinese people how to tame the rivers and control floods. His son followed his father's footsteps by founding the first Chinese dynasty in 22nd century BC. Yu the Great's tomb lies in Shaoxing where visitors still come to pay their respects and the former Ming governor of Shaoxing wrote the memorial tablet at his tomb. During the Ming dynasty, a representative of the empire would come and perform ceremonial rituals in his honor.

Shaoxing Memorable Experience
Taking a ride in while drinking tea as the rower slowly guides the around the picturesque city.

Strolling along the quaint streets and crossing the many arched bridges that provide multitudes of photo opportunities then dropping into one of the many museums that line the streets.

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