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Shenzhen Travel Guide


Few talk about Shenzhen without making reference to its modest origins as a tiny fishing village. While much of its obscure 6,000-year history has been lost, its present incarnation as one of the fastest growing cities in China is nothing less than miraculous. The area consists of three parts, Shenzhen City, Shenzhen County and the Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which is the business and financial center of the city. As one of the first cities to "open" with economic reforms in 1979, and situated next to Hong Kong, sleepy Shenzhen went from village to metropolis in just over 20 years, and is now a magnet for fortune-seekers. Many people are drawn to Shenzhen by a certain energy, what locals call "Shenzhen speed." Speed is the catchphrase here that accounts for the opening of one supermarket per day and the prosperity of trade and leisure. Efficient and courteous service is a merit of Shenzhen. In this highly commercial and competitive society, 24 hours of delivery is offered by your neighborhood stores for any purchase down to a lump of soap.

A spirit of pragmatism pervades throughout Shenzhen's unusually young population of migrant workers. They're an interesting mix of graduates of prestigious universities as well as villagers from rural areas but they're all attracted by the possibilities that lie in Shenzhen. Because Shenzhen is a city of migrants, there's no Shenzhen dialect. The locals speak a peculiar mix of Cantonese and Mandarin flavored with a mish-mash of regional accents. While Shenzhen still holds a reputation as a newly formed city, two decades of development has shown signs of a maturing metropolis, from well-developed residential and commercial district to an efficient public transportation system. Many young settlers have not only started a career in the city, but also started their families here; buying their first house and car, thus establishing Shenzhen as more than an office city, it has also become home.

There's more to Shenzhen than what meets the eyes. On the surface, it appears to only feature blocks after blocks of high-rises and factories. Under its subtropical climate, Shenzhen enjoys year round warmth and days filled with sunshine punctured with tropical rains. The city planners, seeing an opportunity to create a modern livable environment, placed great emphasis on the city's greenery. An exceptional model is Shennan Da Dao, running through Shenzhen from east to west for 40km. The broad avenue features a wide green belt down the middle which makes up40% of its width. While Shenzhen is still used as a transit point to Hong Kong, the city is fast becoming a popular travel destination in south China thanks to its assortment of parks, beaches, shopping centers, as well as plenty of dining and drinking options.

Shenzhen Tour Memorable Experiences
Sunbathing on the beaches of Dameisha or Xiaomeisha.
Having midnight snacks on a hole-in-the-wall restaurant on Badeng Lu.
Shopping in the area around Tongbao Secondhand Market in Huaqiang Bei Lu.
Getting a body rubdown in a local massage salon.

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