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Zhangjiajie Travel Guide

Zhangjiajie City located on the northwestern of Hunan Province. Covering an area of 9,516 square kilometers, there are four areas under its governance: Yongding District and Wuling District, Cili County and Sangzhi County. The city enjoys subtropical moist mountain climate, thus for visitors it is an ideal place to spend one's holiday.

Zhangjiajie City features a variety of different terrains including: mountainous regions, upland areas, plains, and Karst rock areas. Among these, the mountains cover 76 percent of the total area. The world-famous natural heritage site 'Wulingyuan Scenic Area' is located on the base of these great mountains. Areas worth visiting include Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (known as China's first national forest park), Suoxiyu Natural Resource Reserve, and Tianzi Mountain Natural Resource Reserve. The scenic area hosts many natural features including: mountains, forests, caves, lakes and waterfalls and perhaps there are more than three thousand rock ridges and eight hundred gills. They enjoy the reputation of 'Original Picture on Mountain and River of China'. This wonderland is covered with dense forests and is considered Mother Nature's Oxygen Bar.

The history of the region can be traced back to the Neolithic Age. There are three main ethnic minority groups Tujia, Bai, Miao and other 29 minority groups living harmoniously with the Han Nationality. Many different folk cultures converge here and the visitor can experience the various folk-customs, clothing, decorations, dance and music. In 2006, Folk Songs of Sangzhi County, Hands-waving Dance of Tujia Ethnic Group, Maogusi Dance, and The Crafts of Tujia Brocade were all listed in the Protection Catalog of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage. The people of Zhangjiajie are all very hospitable and visitors immediately feel at home. And local snacks may become travelers' favorite.

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Summary: 11 days adventure tour the renowned Chinese Taoist mountain Wudangshan, wild life world of Shennongjia and hiking paradise Zhangjiajie..

4 Days Zhangjiajie Natural Beauty Tour

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3 Days Zhangjiajie Discover Tour

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  • Days: 3
  • Destination: zhangjiajie

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Summary: ZhangJiaJie National Forest Park is the first established National Forest Park in China. It is famous for its large area of quartz sandstone physiognomy. It is of great natural aesthetic value and therefore selected as World Natural Heritage and World Geological Park by UNESCO..

6 Days Zhangjiajie Fenghuang Acient Town Cultural Tour

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