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Custom of Chinese Wine Drinking

Chinese archaeologists have discovered wine vessels at the ruins of the Erlitou Culture, an urban society that existed from approximately 1900 BC to 1500 BC, proving that Chinese people began to drink wine at that time.

There are many stories about wine in Chinese history. For example, Tao Yuanming, a poet in Jin dynasty couldn't live without it and Li Bai, one of the greatest poets in Chinese history could write many poems after having a drink of wine.

China is a country where manners are extremely important and many events are ceremonial. There are many things to remember when drinking for example, at a feast, if one wants to show his or her respect to elders or superiors, he or she should toast. Before drinking the wine, they will touch their cups to express their affection. The cups of the younger or the person who toasts should be lower. Generally speaking, the one who toasts would empty the cup to show his or her sincerity. Chinese people usually drink in a happy atmosphere involving talking and joking. Sometimes, in order to increase liveliness, people set rules for drinking, almost like a game. The person who loses may be "punished" by drinking wine if he or she loses the game. 

There are many world famous wine brands in China, such as Maotai, Five-Grain Liquor, Fen Liquor, Luzhou Liquor, Bamboo-Leaf Green Liquor, Gujing Tribute Wine among others, with the previously mentioned often used at special events.