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Lotus Lantern

This story originates from Chinese Mythology and is about a boy named Chenxiang. His mother was a goddess named Sanshengmu and his father was a mortal named Liu Yanchang. 

Sanshengmu, a goddess, got tired of life in heaven and secretly travelled down to earth, where she met Liu Yanchang and fell in love with him. Even though their marriage was forbidden, they proceded in doing so. Unfortunately, this was discovered by Sanshengmu's brother, Erlang Shen, a strict and powerful god. He was shocked and angry with his sister's doing, so he punished Sanshengmu by imprisoning her beneath a mountain even though she was carrying a child. 

Sanshengmu gave birth to a baby and named him Chenxiang. To keep her baby alive, she managed to take Chenxiang to her husband. Therefore, Chenxiang grew up not knowing his mother but even still, he missed her every day. 

Chenxiang one day questioned his father about his ancestry to which his father revealed everything. He also revealed that his mother used to be in possession of a magical Lotus Lantern whose light could scare away evil but sadly this weapon was stolen by Erlang Shen. 

Throughout his life he became more mature and powerful. Chenxiang fought his uncle without the lantern and after much struggle, he defeated his uncle and in doing so captured the magical axe that was required to save his mother from the mountain.

Even though there are many versions of this story, the core remains the same. Since filial duties are a vital traditional Chinese value, this story has been passed down from generation to generation. Over the centuries there have been many operas, films and TV series based on this story.