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Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese therapy that involves a burning stick made of moxa being a close distance above particular points in the human body. It can stimulate the movement of "qi" and blood thus is said to cure disease and reduce pain. In ancient China, it was usually combined with acupuncture. A Chinese saying goes "With three year old moxa in the house, we won't need a doctor anymore."

How it works
Chinese doctors believed that "all pain starts with a block in the body." According to this principle, Moxibustion stimulates certain points in the body, expands blood capillaries and accelerates the circulation of blood so it can reduce the pain effectively. Also, moxa has been found to stop any feelings of coldness in human body by warming the blood and stopping the pain.

To carry out Moxibustion, moxa packed in a shape of a stick is needed. Once you have this, the only other step is to burn the moxa.
There are many kinds of ways to use it. You can either hold it close your skin directly, or put something on your skin and then put the burning moxa on it, such as ginger, garlic or salt. After the treatment, you will feel a flow of warmth moving within your body and the pain will be eased.

The effects
Moxibustion has been widely used in curing diseases and health keeping for nearly 2000 years. The effects of it have been confirmed in many clinical cases. Not only can it help some disease treatment, a Japanese researcher called Sudao has also found it can be used in cancer treatment. Moxibustion is especially effective in the treatment of chronic problems. With the combination with needles, it can be even more effective.

In spite of all the great effects Moxibustion has, not everyone is suitable for it. If people do it themselves without enough care, there might be some bad reactions to it. Special attention must be paid to the distance it is kept from the skin.

Today, there are many clinics and health clubs that provide the Moxibustion service to customers in China. It has become increasingly popular among the Chinese in recent times.