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New Year's Day

New Year's Day falls on 1st January and is a tradition that is celebrated all over the world. Although it is not a traditional Chinese festival, it is also now celebrated in the Chinese calendar and also comes with a one day holiday.

The Origin of New Year's Day celebrations in China

Originating in the Republic of China and evolved from Chinese New year, the festival bears some resemblance to the lunar Chinese New Year in that goose and chickens are slaughtered for food, fireworks are set off, ancestors are worshipped, dumplings are made, etc. The holiday acts as a simple ceremony for a happy life in the upcoming year and increasingly more people celebrate it in China.

Methods of celebration

As well as China, the majority of the world also takes a legal single day holiday at this time. After an entire year of work, it seems only fair to relax, in order to eradicate the tiredness of the previous year.

As is the traditional custom around the world, parties are thrown the night before, right through until the early hours of the next day of 1st January, in order to celebrate the arrival of the New Year in the same way that you wish to continue the rest of the year. Schools, television shows and places of work often throw New Year’s parties and often prove to be fun-filled eventful nights. 

Before the holiday, schools in China often examine their students and in turn the students are told to study incredibly hard for these tests. 

Companies may arrange an annual meeting to summarise the company’s performance and arrange tasks and objectives for the New Year.

It often serves as a major social event for the youth. It may serve as a special time for meeting up with friends and family especially as it may be difficult to do so at any other time. 

Some enjoy travelling in the holiday, especially if they are looking to relax.

Traditional Chinese ceremonies are normally held in suburban areas. As the simplified form of the Lunar Chinese New Year, fireworks, delicious food, e.g. goose, chicken and dumplings and the worshipping of ancestors to celebrate the New Year with relatives only seems appropriate.

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