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Steamed Buns (Baozi)

Baozi is a kind of food traditional among the Han ethnic group. It is said that they were invented by the wisest man in Chinese history, Zhu Geliang. It is made from flour and whatever filling you choose to have in it. There are many kinds of Baozi in China in terms of shape, flavour and recipes.

There is one legend about how Baozi was invented in the Three Kingdoms period.
After a war Zhu Geliang and his army were returning back to their hometown. When they crossed a river there was a sudden storm that stopped their journey. After performing divination, he realised that it was the dead soldiers' ghosts. They could not go home to reunite with their family so they wanted to revenge. They would not stop the storm unless they could use 49 human heads to offer as a sacrifice. Zhu Geliang would not kill more people so he asked the cook to use flour to make a shape of a head and stuffed some beef and mutton in it. They put this food into the river then finally the storm stopped.

Types of Baozi
There are many different methods and ingredients that can be used to make Baozi. Generally, leaven dough is used with filling put inside it. They are then put in the food steamer for about 20 minutes. Since the dough has been fermented it is easier to digest and healthier compared to the unfermented dough.
Guantang Bao: Guantang Bao is a kind of Baozi that has soup as one of its fillings. The skin of this type of baozi tends to be really thin. Be careful when you eat Guantang Bao as the soup is very hot.
Xiaolong Bao: "Xiaolong" literally means small food so naturally, Xiaolong Bao tend to be quite small. You are normally able to put a whole one in your mouth. The ingredients of Xiaolong Bao should be fresh and the Xiaolong Bao in Shanghai are well known for their taste.
You can find many kinds of Baozi in Beijing. It is now a very common food in China; they are sold in many shops and are even served on the dining table when it is breakfast time.