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The Orphan of Zhao Family

The orphan of the Zhao family is a Chinese series of shows.

The story takes place between 8th century B.C. and 5th century B.C., which was the Spring and Autumn period in China's history. At that time, several states co-existed and among them, there one state was called Jin. Tu Angu, the most powerful Commandant of Jin State, controlled the politics, economy and military.

He launched an attack in the palace, which made Emperor Jinggong believe that Zhao Shuo was the mastermind of this act. Jinggong fell into the trap and ordered to kill the Zhao family as well as his servants, except one person, who was Zhao's daughter-in-law, Zhuang Ji. Zhuang survived because she was the princess.

At that time, Zhuang was pregnant. She later gave birth to a son. She named him the orphan of Zhao's family, hoping that the son could avenge the Zhao family when growing up.

Tu Angu found out about the son and made it his prerogative to kill him.

Cheng Ying, a friend of Zhao, saved the son's life and raised him. Cheng Ying gained the trust of Tu Angu and after noticing that he had no son, Tu Angu accepted Cheng Ying's offer of adopting the infant. After 18 years, Tu Ye, Tu Angu's adopted son, was endowed with both civil and martial virtues and became the promised successor of Jin's political power. However, rumours began to spread that he wasn't Tu's real son. After the truth was revealed, Tu Ye, or his real name, Zhao Wu, killed Tu Angu in the street.
Cheng Ying, who was largely disdained by others all his life, won at last, and finally earned the justice he deserved.