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Top 10 Beautiful Universities in China (No. 1-No. 5)

Previously, we found out about No. 6-10 of the top 10 beautiful universities in China, including Ocean University of China (Qingdao Ocean University), Soochow University (Suzhou University), Sichuan University, Nanjing Normal University, and Tsinghua University. This article details the first five of the top 10 beautiful universities in China.

No. 5 Shenzhen University
Shenzhen University was established in 1983, and ranked as No. 5 of the top 10 beautiful universities in China. The campus stands between the South Mountain and the sea. Inside the campus there are flourishing flowers and trees and a clear lake. Also, the style of the buildings reflects modern times. The whole campus combines innovative architecture with fascinating landscapes, making the character of the university not only fashionable, but graceful.

No. 4 Sun Yat-Sen University
Sun Yat-Sen University was built in 1924 in Guangzhou by Mr. Sun Yat-Sen, and was originally named Guangdong University. The gate of Sun Yat-Sen University is simple and unsophisticated, which indicates a dignified and magnanimous atmosphere. The status of Mr. Sun Yat-Sen has been an attraction point of this school. Filled with trees and flowers, as well as a strong sense of history and culture, Sun Yat-Sen University is regarded as No. 4 in the top 10 beautiful universities in China.

No. 3 Peking University
Peking University was the first national university of China. Established in 1898, it was initially named Imperial University of Peking. The most famous attraction in Peking University is the Weiming Lake, only furthering students' dreams of studying there. As No. 3, Peking University combines the magnificence of royal gardens, the exquisiteness of southern landscape, and the cultural sense of classical architecture.

No. 2 Wuhan University
Wuhan University was established in 1893 and is regarded as one of the most beautiful colleges all over the word as well as No. 2 in the top 10 beautiful universities in China. Wuhan University's architecture combines Chinese and Western elements, showing the elegance and magnificence of the campus. It is also a famous tourist attraction in Wuhan for its flourishing cherry blossom. There is a saying in China that reading under the cherry blossom trees in Wuhan University is extremely relaxing.

No. 1 Xiamen University
Xiamen University was built in 1921 in the southern part of Xiamen Island, Fujian province. The campus stands between mountains and sea, and has a Lotus Lake inside. Every corner in Xiamen University is filled with beautiful scenery with green trees, colourful flowers or peaceful lakes. Therefore, Xiamen University is called the garden of mountains and sea, and is also ranked as the No. 1 in the top 10 beautiful universities in China.

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