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Expats in China

Whether you have just arrived in China or you have lived here for many years you can never really get tired of traveling around this amazing country. Newly arrived expats are probably keen to visit all the "must see" tourist sites as soon as possible, whilst places off the beaten track may seem more attractive to those who have been living and working in China for some years now.

Whatever you want to see and do whilst living in China, China Holidays is here to design a travel plan which makes sure you have the chance to visit all the places you are so keen to see whilst here.

Suggested Itineraries

Just arrived in China?

If you have just arrived in China for work or study and you are eager to get to know the local culture but don't have the time to travel too far from the office or school, we recommend a trip to the following places: Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an and Guilin.

Tours to these destinations includes:

11 days China Highlights Tour
15 days Classic China Tour
10 days Glorious China Tour
9 days Taste of China


Living in China?

If you have been in China for a while now, youre probably interested in seeing and doing a few things a little further a field:

OR Special Interest Tours:

8 days China Golf Vacation
10 days China Walking Tour
12 days Exploring Rural China
14 days China Silk Road Tour


Weekend trips

Are you looking for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the big city?
We can arrange several weekend trips away from some of Chinas major cities.

Weekend away from Beijing (Chengde, Xian, Pingyao, Qingdao)
Weekend away from Shanghai (Wuzhen, Zhouzhuang, Yellow Mountain)
Weekend away from Guangzhou
Weekend away from Xian


Evening Entertainment

China Holidays can also arrange your evening entertainment.
* Acrobatic Show
* Kungfu Show performances
* Traditional Peking Opera


Annual Leave

Are you keen to take some time off and go to the less-traveled regions of China? Do you want to learn more about Chinese minority cultures and experience places which are a long way from the familiar comforts of Shanghai and Beijing? If so, we recommend the following places:


Friends and Family:

When friends and family come to stay with you it can be hard to get the time off work to show them around China yourself. You also may not want to see all the usual tourist hotspots for a second time either.

China Holidays can arrange for an English speaking professional local tour guide to take your friends and family around for you and to explain the history and culture behind many of Chinas infamous tourist sites. We can also offer your friends and family the following additional services:

* Airport meet and greets- private car hire with driver
* 4/5 star accommodation near to your home
* Tailor made itineraries including your current city of residence and other parts of China.


Seasonal Trips:

If you want to spend your summer vacation in China this year, we recommend the following destinations:

Relaxing and beaches- Hainan Island
Beautiful countryside- Yunnan, Guizhou
Yangtze River Cruise

We can also arrange for you to travel to other destinations in South East Asia as an extension to your trip. We can arrange for you to fly to Thailand, Australia, India, and many other places too!


Staying in China during the winter holidays? We recommend the following itinerary ideas:

Harbin Ice Festival Tour
Harbin Ice Carnival and China Spring Festival Tour
Beijing Skiing Tour

China Holidays can arrange extension tours and visas to Russia, Korea, Japan and many more.

If you have a few days off work during the Easter Holidays you may want to travel to the following destinations:

Sichuan C beautiful countryside Golf Tours
Hong Kong-before it gets too hot!



If you want to escape the crowds and spend the national holidays away from some of Chinas larger cities we can arrange this for you easily- all you have to do is give us enough notice in advance so that we can guarantee a top quality service.

Business Travel:

China Holidays can also arrange for your business or organisation to travel around China, whether it is for business meetings, training seminars and conferences or incentive trips.

For more information about our Business Travel Services and Incentive Trips, please refer to our sister company, Golden Bridge UK Business Facilitation Services website at the following website address:

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