About Our Tours

1. What is a Set Itinerary?
A Set itinerary is a tour with a fixed departure date, and you will be travelling in a group of up to 25 people from all over the world. We will arrange the itinerary to make sure that everyone is included in all activities and that each has ample access to a tour guide. We can accommodate for special requests if given notice in advance, such as arranging vegetarian meals etc.

2. what is a Private Tour?
A Tour with a fixed itinerary but without fixed departure dates, you can take it whenever it is convenient for you, there will be only you and your friends in the group, this also includes many of our Theme Tours or City Tours;

3. What is a Tailor-Made Itinerary?
A Tailor Made Itinerary is a private tour that gives you the opportunity to design your own itinerary with the guidance of our highly experienced travel consultants.

4. What is Single Supplement?
The price for each tour on our website is based on double occupancy (two passengers share a hotel room or cruise cabin). A single supplement is an extra fee for those who stay in a hotel room by himself, not sharing with another passenger.

5.Which languages do your guides speak?
Our office staff and trip advisors all speak fluent English and Chinese, so unless you speak or read Chinese, our correspondences with you will be in English.

Our tour guides are able to speak many different languages. Just let us know which language you would prefer to communicate in and we shall ensure an appropriate guide is assigned to you.

For any groups with multi nationalities, we only provide English tour guides, unless it is otherwise specifically requested.

6. What is the difference between a National guide and a Local Guide?
If you choose to book one of our Set Itinerary Tours, a National Guide will accompany you throughout the duration of your trip. Our National Guides will be responsible for collecting you from and taking you to airports, train stations, hotels etc. In each city or town you visit you will also be met by a Local Guide who will only accompany you during the section of your itinerary spent touring his/her own city or town.

If you choose to book a Tailor Made Itinerary, we will ensure that a Local Guide is there to look after you in each of the destinations on your itinerary. A National Guide is not required for traveling groups smaller than 10 people.

7. Do you offer any group discounts if we have more than 10 people traveling together? If not, how many do you need for a group discounted rate?
We do not offer any discounts on Set Itinerary Tours for a traveling group of more than 10 people owing to the fact that prices for these tours are based on a minimum of 10 people in each group.

For private tours, if you have larger groups of more than 10, special prices can be arranged, please contact our travel consultants directly for further information.

More information on tour prices:
Our Tailor Made Tour prices are calculated according to the number of people traveling in each group, which are in accordance with the regulations outlined by the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), and are as follows:

a) One person
b) 2-5 people
c) 6-9 people
d) over 10 people

8. Can I just book flight/train/cruise tickets only?
Yes, we will be happy to help. Prepare a list of the tickets you want to book and ring us for quotation.

9. How much time in advance do I need to make a booking?

Late reservations cannot be guaranteed for hotel rooms and late bookings may affect total tour prices, especially tours during peak season. We usually suggest to our clients that bookings are made at least two months before the departure date. If you intend to travel in China during September and October, we recommend that you make the booking for your trip three months prior to your departure date.

However we do understand that sometimes booking in advance is not always possible for our clients. Therefore we do accept late bookings and we will do everything possible to make sure your itinerary includes everything you want. We can arrange itineraries with as much as up to 15 days before the intended departure date, and we encourage you to call us directly by telephone if you intend to make a late booking.

10. How can I pay?
We accept payment by cash, cheque, and Credit card while PayPal is most welcomed. For detailed information please refer to Payment.