Tibet Travel

1. Can I travel to Tibet by myself without being organized by a travel agent?
No. According to Chinese government regulation, individual travel without being organized by an authorized tour operator to Tibet is not allowed. Technically, you can not travel to Tibet without a Travel Permit, and a Travel Permit can only be issued to you when applied by an authorized tour operator who arranges your tour to Tibet. You can either travel there by yourself but with everything being arranged by a tour operator and escorted by a tour guide, or you can join a group which is organized by an authorized Chinese tour operator, we can find you such a group for you.

2. How to apply and get the Travel Permit to Tibet?

Travel permits are issued by Tibet Tourism Administration. Applications can only be made by tour operators or other authorized organizations. The application requires a copy of passport and Chinese visa, together with other information such as your occupation. Journalists and people that could be involved in media and political matters may be refused a permit. Multi-entry travel Permits are not available. Our travel advisors can give you guidance of obtaining your Tibet Permit step by step.

3. When will I get my Tibet Permit?

Your Tibet Permit will be issued by the Tibet Tourism Administration after our local Tibet agent presents the Permit application with necessary documents. Our agent in Tibet will fax the permit to our office or to our agent's office depending where you are at the time. Your local tour guide will give you the Tibet permit before you board the plane or train to Tibet. The permit will be required to be presented when you arrive in Tibet. After your arrival in Tibet, you will not need the permit any more, the guide will collect the permit from you and he/she will return the permit to the Tibet Tourism Administration.

4. When is the best time to visit Tibet?
The best time to travel to Tibet is between May and October. The weather during other months is cold and changeable, so travel there is not recommended although is not impossible. The difficulty created by this short season is that the tourist spots are very crowded and hotels and guides are all busy so need a lot of time in advance to book.

5. Will I have Highland Altitude Sickness?
Almost every tourist entering Tibet experiences highland altitude sickness. For some the effect is strong, while for others it is just a little. The reaction may vary from person to person. We recommend you to consult your doctor before you book your Tibet tour.

6. How to obtain a China visa in Nepal?
a.At least 3 working days are required to obtain a Visa from the Chinese Embassy in Nepal. b.A travel agent is required in both China and Nepal to obtain a China visa. The Chinese travel agency is required to send or fax the filled application and other documents to the travel agent in Nepal and to the Chinese embassy in Nepal. The following information is required for these documents:

* Name as in Passport
* Passport Number
* Date of birth
* Gender: Male/female
* Occupation
* Nationality
* Photo copies of passports.

7. How long it will take to travel to Lhasa by train?
Beijing West Station -Lhasa: around 48 hours
Xining (capital city of Qinghai Province) -Lhasa: about 27 hours
Lanzhou (capital city of Gansu province) -Lhasa: 30 hours
Chongqing - Lhasa: 47 hours
Chengdu - Lhasa: 50 hours