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Best time to visit china

China has vast territory and abundant resources, and each month there are some places attracting travelers from all over the world thanks to their unique seasonal charm points. Do you know the best time to visit China, and which is the best place to visit in each month? Let's take some advice from China Holidays.

The well-known Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is held in January and lasts for over one month. It is now the world's largest ice and snow festival. The festival includes many exciting parts such as Ice Lantern and Sculpture, Skiing, as well as Winter Swimming. Taking part in the Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin is one of the best things to do in the winter of China.

The best choice to enjoy a warm winter in China is visiting Hainan Island. Pearl-white beaches and swaying palms greet visitors to China's tropical paradise. Whether sipping coconut milk as the clean ocean water laps at your feet or floating through a coral jungle, Hainan is the place to go if the words "beach, sun and fun" comes to mind.

March-Jiangsu and Zhejiang
Since ancient China, poets have written many famous sentences admiring the charm of visiting Jiangsu and Zhejiang. There has always been a level of elegance, grace and romance in Suzhou that few cities can rival, the gardens and canals lend an air of sophistication.

Hangzhou's legendary West Lake conjures images of sweeping willows and morning mist along the shores of China's most famous and revered of lakes.

April-Guilin, Huangshan, Lushan
In the Spring of China, Guilin's limestone karst mountains and Yangshuo's laidback setting long draws backpackers and nature enthusiasts. With the Li River serving as a backdrop, the surrounding area is an emerald waiting to be explored.

Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) has also been a major tourist destination since ancient times and still captures the imagination of those who have glimpsed its jade mountains protruding through the frosty mists.

One other choice is Jiangxi Lushan. Historic villas, forest trails and cool mountain peaks have been drawing people to Mount Lushan hideaway for more than 100 years. The misty clouds blanket the lush forests and provide a mystical scene.

In May, Yunnan province is like a world of flowers. Being spring-like in the whole year, Yunnan is one of the most beautiful places in China. Cradled in the foothills of the Himalayas and decorated with diverse flora and fauna all wrapped up with a culturally rich history. Exploring Yunnan is like opening a Chinese jewel chest each exquisitely crafted compartment leads to richer more dazzling sights.

With primeval forests, rocky crags and rushing streams, Zhangjiajie is a sublimely beautiful place to explore nature's bounty, especially in early summer. Be sure to bring lots of film and a good pair of shoes. Wulingyuan is the most famous attraction of Zhangjiajie. Wisely set aside in 1982 as one of China's first nature reserves, Wulingyuan protects an astounding variety of flora, fauna and minority tribes. The area has been given a UNESCO World Heritage listing.

July-Qingdao and Dalian
Qingdao's clean beaches, European architecture and great beer inspired from Lao Shan's crisp spring water make this city an idyllic getaway to spend a few relaxing summer days strolling along the boardwalk while watching the sunrise over the ocean.

For a cool summer time, Dalian, on China's far northeast coast, is popular with domestic travelers but is yet to be discovered by international tourists. This refreshing coastal city is the perfect antidote for those aching to get away from the congestion and pollution of China's big cities.

Surrounded by jagged mountains and steeped in mysticism, Buddhism continues to define Tibet culture. Busy markets, sweet incense and flowing yellow robes all greet you as you take your first step into the city. Besides the sacred Buddhism temples, Tibet is also a paradise with amazing landscape. The mountains perennially covered with snow, the mirror-like lakes, the extremely fresh air, and the purest environment are all common elements here while you can hardly find in anywhere else.

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China is a exciting tourism destination with diversified natural and cultural elements. The capital Urumqi is just like a piece of emerald embedded at the foot of the Tianshan Mountains. This graceful prairie city is an important stop along the ancient Silk Road, leading to the Central Asia and even as far as Europe. Stepping into Kashgar is like being transported into one of the thousand and one nights of The Arabian Tales. Moreover, as an ancient Silk Road trading post, the Turpan oasis is surrounded by desert and mountains, ruined cities and Buddhist caves.

Listed by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage, Jiuzhaigou's patchwork of shimmering lakes were discovered when scientists trailing some pandas. The lakes were formed because of the calcium carbonate in the flowing water when the earth was between ice ages. When the global climate warmed up, the calcium carbonate became active and attached itself to obstacles in the water, forming the milky white, lunar shapes in Jiuzhaigou's lake water. The scenery in the area leaves most breathless as the sheer beauty of the lakes and the vibrancy of the colors defy explanation.

In the southwest of China, Guizhou is a wise choice to enjoy a colorful autumn. Hidden amongst jagged karst mountains, misty waterfalls and undulating hills, Guizhou is a gem hidden under layers of gorgeous scenery, and with each step, a new vista emerges. Guizhou is now home to 48 ethnic minorities out of China's 56 ethnic groups, and their bright festivals and villages offer plenty of scope for exploration.

December-Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a metropolis in the truest sense of the word, and it is a nice place to spend early winter as it is a shopping paradise combining with beautiful landscape. As an Oriental city governed by Occidentals, its history has given it a distinctive mix of East and West. Hong Kong Island is home to one of the most impressive and recognizable skylines in the world.

Besides, there are many traditional festivals in China, which are either celebrated by the whole country or just by some minority ethnic groups. You can also choose the best time to visit a certain region according to the dates of traditional festivals or ethnic minority festivals that will provide you an impressive and enjoyable vacation.