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China Weather

China is vast and conditions can be extreme. Depending on the season and region, there are many pleasant times to travel. Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang, in the north and northeast can reach temperatures of -30°C during the winter, but have moderate rainfall and highs in the 20°C's in the summer. Shanghai, which is on China's central eastern seaboard, has long humid summers, a short winter and a moderate, but chilly springs and autumns. The south has hot humid summers, up to high 30°C's that lasts from April to September. Late summers also experience a rainy season, so beware of typhoons. Springs and autumns are pleasant with temperatures in the low 20°C's but evenings can be damp and chilly. Tibet is bitterly cold and windy during the winters. The summers can be very hot, high 30°C's, but summer nights can practically turn into winter until the sun rises again. The northwest has hot, but dry summers. Xinjiang, in the far northwest, is just as cold as the rest of northern China during the winters.