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Tourism declining in Beijing

Face dropped as statistics showed a decline of 20% in tourists visiting Beijing in January. The data was published by Beijing Tourism Administration and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics that stated that the amount of tourists in Beijing City in January reached a number of 212,000 in total, which is a major drop compared to last year's rating.


The price range at Beijing's finest hotels also had to follow the pattern as the amount of visitors was declining. The price a night for one of the best hotel rooms reached less than 425 rmb at the lowest.


The amount of foreigners visiting the major Chinese cities landed on numbers of about 168,300 in Beijing, 29,000 in Hong Kong, 13,000 in Taiwan whilst Macau, the money spender's paradise, was granted with less than 2000 foreign visitors.


Tourism from Asia and Europe has dropped the most whilst America, being the main source on the tourist market, likewise dramatically decreased its number of visitors.

According to professors this is a result of the global financial crisis.


(CRI March 12, 2009)