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Yangzhou takes measures coping with crisis

While facing the financial crises, measures have been taken in Yangzhou to find a new clientele outside the > boarders of China to increase the amount of visitors.


Ji Jianye, Secretary of Yangzhou CPC Committee.[Photo:]

On a press conference recently today in Beijing, Secretary of Yangzhou CPC Committee, Ji Jianye announced, "At present we have identified our target market as first and foremost consisting of countries in south-east Asia, whilst visitors from the west mainly consist of business tourists."


To attract more people he also wanted to promote the city through big events, "We want to advertise Yangzhou through the World Expo in Shanghai in order to spread the word. Our gAoal is to make Yangzhou an internationally well-known and popular tourist destination. "


Yangzhou has also begun cooperation with Beijing Tourism Bureau to facilitate tourists in visiting the hidden treasure before continuing their trip to other locations. Vice Director of the bureau, Xiong Yumei said during the press conference, "We hope that relations between the travel agencies in Beijing and Yangzhou will communicate more to improve the quality of our service, and develop the market of tourism."


She also wanted to point out the convenience in traveling from Beijing to Yangzhou as passengers travel by night, "Yangzhou has become an important destination for residents of Beijing to get away from the city life. There are inter-city trains that depart in the > evening and arrive in the morning, which makes it very convenient for Beijingers to get to Yangzhou, if only for a weekend."


Yangzhou is known for its rich cultural heritage, harmonic environment as well as beauty. Approximately 1500 years ago it was seen as a leading economic and cultural center and major port of foreign trade and external exchange from the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and Huaihe rivers. This historical period had left Yangzhou a large number of treasures, including valuable architectures and arts, splendid culture and well-known celebrities. Marco Polo is also said to have served there as a municipal official in the late 1200's.


(CRI March 16, 2009)