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Tourism booking services to go online in Tasmania

Australian government announced on Monday Tasmania's tourism providers will hold a central website that allows tourists anywhere to book and pay for holidays directly.


"We will ensure that Tasmania not only remains top-of-mind with consumers across the globe but they will be able to easily close the sale on their interest and book their holiday online," Tourism Minister Michelle O'Byrne said, adding that the technology would reduce operating costs.


Tasmania is Australia's only island state. It is a heart-shaped island of lush green valleys, uncrowded towns and villages and still undeveloped coastlines.


Council chief Daniel Hanna said tourists were not just researching their holiday online anymore, they increasingly wanted to book and pay for it that way as well.


"All tourism operators no matter how big or small will benefit from being involved with the new technology," Hanna told reporters in Hobrat, the state capital of Tasmania.


According to the Australian Associated Press, more than 2,000 operators will be contacted personally by telephone to discuss how their business can be connected to Tas e-Connect.


(Xinhua News Agency March 16, 2009)