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Metro stations will soon play it cool

The city\'s 3 million daily Metro passengers will soon no longer be feeling the heat when air conditioning systems are switched on at all stations in about 10 days\' time.


The news, announced yesterday by Shanghai\'s Metro operator, will be welcomed by commuters suffering at present in the early summer heat at some busy stations.


While Metro trains have automatic air-conditioning, there have been lots of complaints about the temperature at some busy hub stations such as People\'s Square and Shanghai Railway Station.


The Metro operator said yesterday that an inspection and repair project on all the Metro stations and train air-conditioning systems was almost complete.


Air conditioning can be launched at all stations by the end of this month, Lan Tian, an official with Shanghai Metro Operation Management Center, said yesterday.


Metro regulations say air conditioning should be in service at stations from the end of May to the middle of October between 7am and 11pm.


In response to complaints, Metro workers will continue to carry out manual adjustments to the air conditioning on trains on Line 3 as they did last year in a pilot program.

On-board air-conditioning systems on all trains automatically keep indoor temperatures below 28 degrees Celsius.


"Once the system detects temperatures above 28 degrees, it activates the cooling process," Lan said.


However, temperatures on Line 3 trains are more easily affected as the carriages are above ground. Its exposure to the outside environment causes indoor temperatures to be more difficult to control, Metro management said.


As a result, passengers complain about air conditioning being too strong or too weak compared to other routes.


A team is to patrol trains on Line 3 three times a day to manually adjust the system if necessary.


(Shanghai Daily May 20, 2009)