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Fuzhou allows temporary residents to travel to Taiwan

Mainland residents who have lived in Fuzhou for more than one year can now visit Taiwan by way of Fuzhou Port instead of applying for exit and entry documents in their place of registered permanent residence.


Fuzhou now has over one million temporary residents. This special policy has made a breakthrough to the restriction that travel to Taiwan is limited to the residents of 25 provinces in mainland China.


Fuzhou is the main ancestral home for many immigrants to Taiwan and the residence for many relatives of Taiwanese. Taiwan and Fuzhou have had close relationships in recent years. Fujian residents can visit Kinmen, Matsu, and Penghu areas via Fuzhou; air and sea passenger transport is also available between Fuzhou and Taiwan.


Xiamen is the first mainland city to allow temporary residents to visit Taiwan.


(China Hospitality News June 5, 2009)