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Hainan issues travel coupons in Yangtze River Delta

At a special promotion campaign held in Shanghai, Hainan province issued travel coupons totaling 6 million yuan to citizens living in the Yangtze River Delta.


The 120,000 travel coupons were jointly issued by Haikou Tourism Administration, Hainan Civil Holiday Travel Agency, Hainan Shida International Travel Service, Hainan Tropical Botanical Garden, Wuzhishan Butterfly ecological ranch, and other scenic spots. These coupons are mainly cash coupons for tickets to scenic spots.


If tourists can visit all the scenic spots listed on the travel coupon, they would save at least 500 yuan, according to an official from the newly established Hainan Provincial Tourism Development Committee. This is the first time that Hainan province has issued travel coupons. If the scheme works well, more scenic spots and more tourist source markets will be included in the future.


(China Hospitality News June 8, 2009)