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Subway station shops to be shut

Bid farewell to the stalls selling cheap clothes, mobile phone accessories, snacks and other goods sold inside Metro stations, as the Metro's management is forcing them out.


A plan is already in progress to remove some of the small stalls inside a number of downtown Metro stations on Line 1 and Line 2. The measure is designed to ensure passages are wide and convenient enough for the increased passengers expected when the Expo is held next year.


The Metro management firm was not available to confirm details yesterday. But Metro workers from several stations involved confirmed targeted stalls needed to close and move out before August. Those stores are mostly located close to exits and entrances of stations or other spots the management deems too crowded.


Metro Line 2's Nanjing Road East, Nanjing Road West and Lujiazui stations, and Line 1's Xujiahui, Shanghai Indoor Stadium and Huangpu Road South will have stalls cleared away. These stations are thought to be some of the major Metro facilities downtown that will serve passengers during the World Expo.


Discount banners were seen this week at stores in the three Line 2 stations.


(Shanghai Daily June 18, 2009)