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Asiana Airlines adds two flights from Chengdu to Seoul each week

From July 1, 2009, Asiana Airlines will add an extra two flights a week from Chengdu to Seoul making a total of four flights per week.


The four flights are scheduled to arrive at Chengdu at 23:00 every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and to take off from Chengdu at 0:20 the next day.


Asiana Airlines has been working with South Korean travel agencies to promote Chengdu and Kangding tourist products since May 2009. It also plans to launch a Seoul-Chengdu-Kangding route in July. According to the general manager of Asiana Airlines, tourism in Kangding has promising prospects; about 100 South Korean tourists would visit Kangding each week.


(China Hospitality News June 25, 2009)