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Fujian Tulou to be fully promoted in Taiwan


Fujian Province’s Yongding County will cooperate with the top travel agency in Taiwan to promote its unique tulou in an effort to attract more visitors from across the Straits, said a county official.


Lion Travel signed the cooperation agreement with Longyan City’s Landscape International Travel Agency on the tourism development of Fujian Tulou, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008.


Tulou, which literally means “earthen building,” is a unique style of rammed earth architecture. The Hakka people built these fortress-style homes mostly between the 12th and 20th centuries to prevent attacks by bandits in the mountainous areas of southwestern Fujian. The buildings are known for their large unique shape and structure.


Yongding County hopes to make the tourism products of Fujian Tulou more well-known through exploration of tourist routes and innovation of tourist activities.


According to a vice general manager of Lion Travel, more frequent and convenient cross-Straits communications have provided great opportunities for tourism west of the Taiwan Straits. Fujian Tulou has been spotted by the agency as one of the most significant promotion targets since it was included in the World Heritage list.


Lion Travel has 35 branches around the world, with 28 of them in Taiwan. It transports hundreds of thousands of Taiwan tourists annually to the mainland.


( by Fan Junmei June 26, 2009)