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Reporters to tour Expo venues

Shanghai would invite reporters from 100 foreign media outlets to hold interviews at the Expo site next March to promote the event, officials said yesterday.


Reporters from 100 domestic media groups will be invited to join their foreign counterparts, the National Tourism Administration said at an Expo tourism promotion conference in the city.


"The reporters are expected to write reports on the Expo site, which will have completed construction by then, aimed at attracting visitors from both home and abroad," said Zhu Shanzhong, administration deputy director.


The Shanghai Tourism Administration will also carry out Expo tourism promotions globally, along with its counterparts in other provinces.


A promotional video was released yesterday that depicts Chinese culture and scenery. The Shanghai Tourism Administration said it would present the video to other countries when promoting the Expo on tour fairs.


More than 30 Expo-relevant tourism itineraries have been designed and promoted. The STA and tour agencies would design packages covering almost all popular Chinese scenic spots, officials said.


Meanwhile, Hong Kong had invited Pico, a leading marketing service provider, to design and provision the city's exhibition at the Urban Best Practices Area of Expo, a Xinhua report said yesterday.


The theme of Hong Kong's UBPA Exhibition is "Smart Card, Smart City, Smart Life," which complements the Shanghai Expo theme of "Better City, Better Life."


The exhibition will introduce its widely used smart card to show how its people use innovative ways and technology to improve efficiency in city life and promote communication within the city and other parts of the world.


The exhibition will demonstrate various smart-card applications in payment and non-payment transactions.


(Shanghai Daily June 30, 2009)