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England travel tips guide launched

A media company is marketing a new DVD which it hopes will broaden people’s understanding about England, its culture and its history.


Entitled "Travel with Kids: England", the DVD is aimed at families planning to travel to the island nation with an emphasis on education through entertainment.


Costing around 15 U.S. dollars the video package explores sites such as Stonehenge, the Roman spa town of Bath and towns famous for their writers and poets like Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth.


The DVD is the latest in a series of "Travel with Kids" family travel guides that have won awards not only for the historical information it contains but also the practical guide to the country.


Equator Creative Media is however only one of many guides available which help make a trip to England more enjoyable. While there is much beautiful countryside to be enjoyed and many historical and cultural sites to be visited, there is one thing that cannot be guaranteed – that of the British weather, well known for being changeable. So perhaps the best tip is to pack an umbrella.


(Xinhua News Agency/ Agencies July 2, 2009)