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Travelzen adds int'l flights from Hong Kong

China travel specialist Travelzen announced today that they now carry a full range of international outbound flights departing from Hong Kong on the website. This marks another significant benchmark set by Travelzen for the development of online travel booking in China, and adds another unique offering to their product list.

"We are people movers," says Ted Sze, CEO of Travelzen. "There is a real need for mainland Chinese to book international flights from Hong Kong; it's an international hub that offers better schedules, carriers and sometimes better fares than Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. Many Chinese choose to fly out of Hong Kong, so we added it to our offerings."

Travelzen offers the best prices and choices on flights out of Hong Kong, and finally gives Chinese travelers the freedom to book international flights from the mainland and Hong Kong easily and affordably. The unique Travelzen engine allows travelers to search, book and pay for all their international and domestic flights instantly, securely and fully online.

"Domestic bookings are pretty simple, but international is a totally different ballgame," said Ted Sze. "What we've done is unique for China. Other booking sites are just an online price-list for a call center. Travelzen is a true, 100% web-enabled booking engine that gives our clients 24-hour, instantly updated booking and payment options. We're not competing on the China stage anymore- this is world-class service for the global traveler."

This raising of the bar for the Chinese travel industry is vital as both inbound and outbound travel numbers continue to climb and the 2010 Shanghai Expo nears. To keep on top of the demand and continue to provide the highest standard of travel booking services, Travelzen continues to innovate.

By providing an easy and affordable way for travelers to make their international connections, Travelzen gives Chinese and international travelers more options, more flexibility and more power to travel where they want, when they want.

(Source: Travelzen August 20, 2009)