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Xinjiang to build Asia's largest ski resort

The Xinjiang Kanas scenic spot signed a 5-billion-yuan (US$0.73 billion) tourism investment deal on Tuesday with Oumning Suuess Limited to build Asia's largest ski resort, Xinhua reported today.

The Kanas International Ski Resort will include a skiing site, a man-made lake, a golf course, and hotels and villas.

The deal is reportedly the largest planned tourism project since the July 5 riot, which badly damanged Xinjiang's tourism industry.

Construction of the first phase of the project will begin next year, and the entire project will be finished in about ten years.

The highest point at the ski resort is 2,600 meters, and its slopes extend downward between 600 and 800 meters. The resort is covered with snow from November to May every year.

(China Daily September 2, 2009)