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Travel restrictions during October 1st holidays

This year, due to the celebration of the 60th anniversary of China in Beijing, construction for Expo 2010 in Shanghai, travel restrictions have been imposed in these two big cities.

Firstly, if you're headed into Beijing on October 1, be informed of the following (from Beijing Capital International Airport):

All morning domestic flights to and from Beijing, China will be canceled on 1 October 2009, from around 9:30am to 12:30pm, mid-day, local time, because of security concerns for the National Day parade.

International flights from/to Beijing will be postponed.

Flights take off time will be resumed from 12:50pm onwards.

Afternoon flights on 1 October will not be affected.

Police have already set up checkpoints and are inspecting all vehicles entering Beijing at nearly 200 major road intersections.

The Shanghai Daily reported today that the Bund will be closed to tourists (i.e. everybody except the construction crews) from September 30-October 4th and traffic in the area will be highly restricted from around 3pm until midnight on those days.

Because the Bund will be closed, if you're planning on any dining on the Bund, you'll have to be dropped off and walk. For example, if you've got reservations at M on the Bund, you might tell the taxi to drop you at the Westin. Guangdong Road borders the north side of the hotel and you can then walk the 5-10 minutes to M.

Most tourist destinations in other cities and in Beijing and Shanghai will be open but you'll want to check in advance to make sure.