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Indonesia's Bali conducts coral restoration

Indonesia's Bali launched its first coral transplantation project in Nusa Dua on Tuesday in a bid to restore the coral reefs and boost marine tourism, a media reported here Wednesday.

The project invited tourists, fishermen's groups and several organizations to join the Adopt a Coral program, by donating 25 U.S. dollars for a fragment of transplanted coral, the Jakarta Post said.

The artificial submarine reef is a man-made construction, which is submerged to serve as a platform for transplanted reefs.

The transplanted coral, made by growing small pieces of living coral on a biological substrate, was attached in an artificial submarine reef.

There were 16 submarine reefs, each of which consists of 20 pieces of transplanted corals. The reefs were placed in some spots where the coral coverage was low.

Bali is the center of Indonesia's tourism industry, with over 200,000 foreign tourists coming every month.