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Tourists to Tibet warned of 'super-cheap' tour groups

Tourists planning to visit Tibet in winter were warned of "super cheap" tour groups as some travel agencies in Shanghai introduced a ten-day tour to Tibet for charges as low as 3,000 yuan (439.5 U.S. dollars).

With the launch of the "travel to Tibet in winter" campaign by Tibet Regional Tourism Bureau in October, ticket prices for some natural scenic spots in Lhasa, Nyingchi and Xiagze prefecture dropped by half. Meanwhile, ticket prices for Tibet's cultural attractions will also drop substantially.

Basum Lake in southeast Tibet's Nyingchi Prefecture is seen in this file photo. [Photo: CRIonline]

Together with the decrease in hotel rates, costs of traveling to Tibet in winter are much lower than going there in summer.

In the tourism season, a ten-day tour from Shanghai to Tibet would usually cost 6,000 yuan and in winter only 4,000 yuan.

As for the ten-day tour at a cost of 3,000 yuan, a manager of a travel agency noted that tour guides might take commission by taking tourists to go shopping and that tickets for scenic spots are not included in the quoted price.

He explained that flying to Lhasa via Chongqing would cost 1,300 yuan and accommodation and local transport would usually cost 1,300 yuan. Evidently, the costs would exceed 3,000 yuan.