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Inner Mongolia building world's biggest dinosaur park

Inner Mongolia is building the world’s biggest dinosaur park, China National Radio reported on December 15. The park will be built in the border city of Erenhot where fossils of a giant raptor were discovered in 2005.

The landmark of the new park is a 20 meter high sculpture of two dinosaurs, which the city claims is the largest steel sculpture in the world.In the far north of China on the border with Mongolia, Erenhot was once the home of dinosaurs. Grassland today, in the Cretaceous Period 70,000,000 years ago, it was a paradise of lakes, marshes, and thick forests. More than 20 kinds of dinosaurs flourished there but the most famous is gigantoraptor erlianensis, an 8 meter-long birdlike predator that made the headlines in the New York Times when it was discovered in 2005.