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Beijing-Lhasa flight to resume Monday

The flights between Beijing and Lhasa were delayed by a snow storm in Beijing on Sunday and are expected to resume today.

A snow storm hit Beijing on Sunday to disruptthe traffic. The Capital Airport was covered with heavy snow, with only one of the three runways safe for operation, causomg delays of flights to Beijing. As of 9:00 a.m. on Sunday the Air China had cancelled 42 flights.

The Beijing-Lhasa flight was delayed for one and a half hours on Sunday and the Lhasa-Beijing flight was also delayed by the snow storm, according to a staff of the Tibet Branch of the Air China.

In response to harsh weather, the airports and airline companies have taken emergency measures to deal with the heavy snow and icy and slippery roads. The flights are expected to operate normally on Monday, according to the staff.

Weather forecasts show that the temperature in Tibet will range from ten degrees centigrade below zero to six Celsius degrees for the next three days.