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China's tourism plan in Hainan to have no adverse impact on others

China's plan to build its southernmost island of Hainan into an international tourist destination would have no adverse impact on other countries and regions, Hainan's Communist Party of China chief Wei Liucheng said Wednesday.

"We are developing tourism, the economy and society only on our own territory and territorial waters, and I don't think that will have an adverse impact on others," Wei said.

At a press conference in Beijing, Wei was asked to comment on reports that a Vietnamese official claimed the development in Hainan would affect Vietnam.

"China always regards its neighbors as friends and we will not harm the interests of other countries or people to fulfill our development," he said.

The Chinese government announced Monday a comprehensive plan to build Hainan into a top international tourist destination by 2020, including improvements to tourism infrastructure and the development of the service, logistics and financial sectors.