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Huzhou and Shanghai Tour Bus Center to promote tourism during World Expo

Huzhou Tourism Administration has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Tour Bus Center to promote Huzhou's tourism resources, especially the "one-hour tourism circle in Yangtze River Delta", eco-tourism, and rural tourism.

Huzhou is geograpically near to Shanghai and is famous for its mountains, wetlands, ancient towns, Taihu Lake, bamboo, and its rich fossil strata. Huzhou Tourism Administration believes the World Expo is a good opportunity to promote Huzhou's tourism resources to the world.

According to Yao Weirong, the director of Shanghai Tour Bus Center, Huzhou and the center are working together to set up an Internet cooperation system, through which tourists will be able to buy Shanghai World Expo tickets in Huzhou, and take a direct bus to Shanghai. Also, during the Expo, Shanghai Tour Bus Center will offer five tourist routes to Huzhou.