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Beijing to host 10th Global Travel & Tourism Summit

Beijing has won the hosting of the 10th Global Travel & Tourism Summit, which is to be held on May 25-27, the Beijing municipal tourism administration announced on January 26. It is the first time for Beijing to bid for the Global Travel & Tourism Summit. The event will promote the development of elite tourism in this capital city, according to the Beijing Daily.

Mr Liu Jinping, vice chairman of the China Tourism Association and special representative of China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) Chairman, greets Jean-Claude Baumgarten, president and CEO of WTTC, at the launch event for the 10th Global Travel & Tourism Summit in Beijing. []

The summit of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is the world’s highest level of gathering for business leaders in the travel and tourism industry. With the chairpersons and chief executives of the 100 leading travel and tourism companies worldwide as its members, WTTC has a unique mandate and overview on all the matters related to global travel and tourism.