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National Geopark to add tourists to HK: official

The Hong Kong National Geopark offers visitors a refreshing experience in addition to Hong Kong's glittering metropolitan life, Hong Kong Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Rita Lau said on Saturday.

During a visit to the High Island Geo Trail with Japanese Consul-General Shigekazu Sato on Saturday, Lau said Hong Kong is endowed with a rich variety of natural scenic spots with unique characteristics and amazing beauty.

She said the green tourism promotion drive will attract more visitors to explore the richness of Hong Kong's geopark, hiking trails and outlying islands.

"With the growing popularity of green tourism the Hong Kong Tourism Board has stepped up co-operation with the travel trade to promote Hong Kong's natural attractions," she said.

The Great Outdoors Hong Kong tourism promotion launched by the board last year attracted large numbers of hikers from the region, including Japan.

Speaking after the visit, Sato said he was amazed by the hexagonal rock pillars in the High Island Geo-Area.

"It is a wonderful experience to be able to see first hand the geological wonders and to enjoy the lush greenery and fresh air of Hong Kong's countryside.

"In the eyes of many Japanese visitors Hong Kong has always been a place of shopping and gourmet, but actually Hong Kong is a city of contrast and color," he said.

Noting many Japanese are nature lovers, Sato said the new geopark, together with Hong Kong's many other green attractions, will definitely be a big draw for them.