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Visitors concerned about Sanya's tourist environment

Sanya's tourist market order and transportation are the main concerns of the visitors, according to a survey conducted by Sanya Tourism Development Committee during the spring festival.

More than 410, 000 visitors spent their holidays in Sanya during spring festival. This year, 44% visitors were on their first visit to Sanya while 28% were there for a second time. 28% of tourists had gone for the third time. Most visitors felt the current tourist environment has problems. Their main concern was the price during the busy season. Ms Chen from Shanghai said Sanya's service providers need to be honest about their quality and price.

A visitor from Xinjiang mentioned the transportation problem. "The management department should pay attention to the traffic jams caused by illegal motorcycles," he wrote. Some visitors also said they were worried about their personal and property safety.

Most visitors go to Sanya because of its good climate and natural environment. However, they hope Sanya can develop more innovative tourist options such as sightseeing boats,food street, a sea-themed amusement park and increased facilities for drivers.